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Your body’s healing begins here at Touch of Heaven Massage and Lymphedema Therapy in Raleigh, North Carolina. As a licensed massage therapist, I offer a variety of massage modalities fit for a wide range of clientele. Whether you are looking for targeted therapies or relaxation, I am here for you.

Massage Sessions With Therapeutic Effects

A massage can do much more than helping you relax and unwind. My massage services can aid those who had just undergone surgery or liposuction, those who suffer from migraines, and those who suffer from general body aches and pains. 

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A Little About Me

I have a bachelor’s degree in Clinical Lab Science and minored in both Chemistry and Pre-Veterinary Medicine. My background, along with 20 years experience, has given me the knowledge and skillset I need to help you relax and to heal your body. 

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A massage can really be therapeutic and make a difference to your day. For questions or concerns, reach out to me today.